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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department

Conservation Funding Opportunities

Our commitment to conservation includes cost-share programs that help make the implementation of conservation practices and systems possible across Dane County. These programs provide financial assistance for landowners and operators making decisions on how to best protect and enhance the area's natural resources. This work, guided by our conservation goals outlined in Dane County's Land and Water Resource Management Plan, includes action towards reducing soil erosion, improving water infiltration and quality, building soil health, increasing wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, and the diversification of production practices.

Staff are also a resource to connect you with eligible funding opportunities from state and federal conservation partners.

agricultural fields with deciduous trees in background

Conservation Practice Implementation (CPI)

Helps with the implementation of structural conservation practices that keep soil and nutrients on the land. This program is available to landowners or producers who own or operate agricultural land in Dane County and meet the eligibility requirements.

grass with seed and blue sky

Continuous Cover Program (CCP)

Provides funding to help convert traditional row-cropped fields to continuous vegetative cover. Continuous vegetation can increase water infiltration, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, build soil health, increase wildlife habitat, sequester carbon, and diversify production practices.

cover crops in green growing between brown rows of corn stalks

Cover Crop Program

Provides funding to keep a living vegetative cover on the ground to help prevent erosion, build soil health, and reduce runoff. Cover crops are typically planted in the fall after crops are harvested.

tractor on agricultural field

Soil Health Equipment Program (SHEP)

Helps landowners and producers offset the cost of purchasing certain equipment used to address agricultural resource concerns, such as soil health or water quality. Equipment can be purchased new, used (if in good working condition), or custom-built with prior approval from county staff.

looking down a water well

Well Decommissioning Program

Wells that are no longer in use and left open can provide both personal safety hazards as well as great threats to groundwater supply. In addition to connecting landowners with cost-share opportunities for this process, staff can provide technical assistance for well decommissioning.

a wetland in a rural field

Wetland Restoration Program

Provides funding to support wetland restoration projects across the county. Landowners can make a positive impact in the overall health of our watershed by improving degraded wetlands or restoring wetlands that existed historically.