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Permit Application Materials

If your project disturbs ground, creates impervious surfaces, or includes the construction, alteration, or closure a of manure storage facility, you may need a permit from our office. Certain recreational activities in our park system also require a permit. 

The links for each permit type jump to the tables below where you can find applications materials and information on how to submit or purchase. Permits types include:

Click on the links in the Permit column for additional information and forms that may be required. 

Erosion Control & Stormwater Management

Permit Application Materials How to Apply
Erosion Control Submittal Information
Shoreland Mitigation Submittal Information
Stormwater Management Submittal Information


Agriculture Related

Permit / Certificate Application Materials How to Apply
Manure Storage

Submittal Information

Manure Storage - Closure Submittal Information
Manure Storage - Certificate of Use Submittal Information (for PDF) or Apply Online
Nutrient Management Plans

Submittal Information
Annual updates are due June 1st.

Winter Spreading

Submittal Information (for PDF) or Apply Online
Annual updates are due October 15th.



Permit Application Materials How to Apply
Parks and Recreation Where to Purchase Permits

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