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Conservation Practice Implementation

The Conservation Practice Implementation (CPI) program helps with the implementation of structural agricultural conservation practices that keep soil and nutrients on the land. This program is available to landowners or producers who own or operate agricultural land in Dane County and meet the eligibility requirements below.

Eligible practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Grass waterways
  • Diversions
  • Agricultural sediment basins
  • Roof runoff management
  • Roofs and covers over feedlots
  • Manure storage (liquid and solid)
  • Managed grazing systems
  • Manure storage closure

The program allows cost-share assistance for up to 70% of the actual costs, not to exceed $100,000. Practices that improve water quality will be prioritized. Applicants will work with our staff to determine which practice(s) work best for their operation, identify cost-share funding options, and develop plans and designs. Program participation is contingent on available funding.


In order to be eligible for this program, the landowner or producer must meet the following requirements:

  • Own or operate agricultural land in Dane County
  • Agree to maintain practice(s) for 10 years, which is the length of the operation and maintenance period.
  • Comply with Dane County Code of Ordinances Chapter 49 for projects involving manure storage and management:
    • Cost-shared manure storage systems must be designed with a minimum of eight month storage capacity.
    • Cost-share funds for manure storage cannot be used to apply liquid manure during frozen/snow-covered conditions. 

If Dane County determines that a violation of the these terms has occurred at any time during the term of cost-share contract, the recipient will be required to immediately refund all funds received under the contract.

How to Apply

Applications will be taken throughout the year. Program is contingent on available funds and county budgets. During the term of the cost-share contract, staff may conduct on-site verification of use. 

Application Steps:

  1. Contact the appropriate staff member (PDF) to determine if this program is a good fit for your operation and goals.
  2. Work with staff to develop plans and designs for the practice(s).
  3. Complete and sign cost-share agreement prior to work beginning.

Next Steps:

  1. Install practice(s) and seek reimbursement.
  2. Over the life of the contract, ensure practices are functioning and appropriately maintained.
  3. If payments exceed $14,000, the maintenance agreement between Dane County and the landowner/producer will be recorded on the deed for the contract period (10 years).


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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department
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Land Conservation Division staff contacts (PDF)