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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department


The Department's Land Conservation Division works to protect and improve local land and water resources while providing benefits to both the environment and agricultural operations. The division manages a number of voluntary conservation-related projects and programs which includes the plan, design, and implementation of agricultural conservation practices to reduce soil erosion and protect water quality.

A brown field with a dark blue sky above
Conservation Compliance

Agricultural performance standards, plans, and permits.

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Staff member talking with a farmer surrounded by a green crop field
Conservation Funding

Cost-share programs to help fund conservation practices.

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Staff member wearing waders and standing in the middle of a river with survey equipment

Project planning, design, surveying, or construction assistance.

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Brown dry cornstalks with green cover crops springing up all around them
Conservation Initiatives

Department initiatives that support agricultural conservation.

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Staff Map

Staff Contacts

Use the map linked below to determine the staff contact for your location. If you can’t tell who your staff contact should be, please email us or call the office (608) 224-3730.