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Shoreland Mitigation

Erosion and uncontrolled stormwater runoff can have adverse impacts on areas located around shoreland or wetlands. To reduce these impacts, a Shoreland Mitigation Permit may be required for specific land disturbing activities occurring within the Shoreland Zone, per Dane County Ordinance Chapter 11 (PDF).

If your project is located within the Shoreland Zone, we recommend that you contact Dane County Zoning to determine if permits are required.

Shoreland Migitation Permit may be required if your project is located within the Shoreland Zone (see below). You can use the Land & Water Resources Viewer to help determine the distance your project is from wetlands, waterways, and floodplains.

If your project is located within the Shoreland Zone, contact Dane County Zoning to determine if a Shoreland Zoning Permit (from their office) or Shoreland Mitigation Permit (from our office) is required. You will receive written confirmation of their decision. 

The Shoreland Zone includes all lands within:

  • 1000 feet from the ordinary high-water mark (OHWM) of navigable lakes, ponds, or flowages
  • 300 feet of the ordinary high-water mark (OHWM) or landward side of the floodplain of the navigable reaches of rivers and streams
  • 75 feet of the shoreland or inland wetland district

View application materials below:

Before you apply, you may wish to review / complete:

Primary Tools

  • Stormwater Manual - overview of permit requirements and process
  • Land & Water Viewer - online mapping application that can be used to create online and printable maps for permit applications

Additional Tools

Additional forms and information that may need to be submitted with your permit application(s):



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