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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department

Planning and Technical Services

Staff provide a variety of services to rural landowners and agricultural operations. From conservation planning, to technical services, to education, staff are available to assist landowners with meeting their conservation goals.

Farm buildings in the distance with a cornfield in the foreground

Conservation Planning

Our staff can work with landowners to identify natural resource concerns and opportunities and develop a conservation plan. Staff work alongside landowners to provide on-the-ground, in-the-field assistance each step of the way.

Staff member using a GPS unit, standing over a small sink hole in a farm field.

Engineering Services

Our staff can provide engineering services for many agricultural conservation practices that receive cost-share funding. These services include: survey, design, and construction oversight.

Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach

We have a rainfall simulator that demonstrates the impact rainfall has on local natural resources and how that can vary depending on what type of land cover the rain falls on. Staff may be able to accomodate requests to bring the rainfall simulator to events to be used for outreach or education.

Permitting Assistance

Permitting Assistance

Our staff are available to assist with permitting requirements for conservation practices that require a permit, such as manure storage construction, manure storage closure, winter spreading, erosion control, or stormwater management.