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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department

Sustainable Agriculture

Climate Initiative Highlights

Highlighted department initiatives that help agriculture adapt and address increased greenhouse gases and precipitation from climate change. Initiative priorities include capturing greenhouse gases from agricultural activities and improving soil health to increase runoff infiltration. View our Climate Initiatives webpage for other initiatives, projects, and programs or USDA Midwest Climate Hub's Climate Change Impacts on Wisconsin Agriculture (PDF) for climate impacts and adaptation strategies for agriculture. 

no till on crop field

Agricultural Conservation in County Parks

Agricultural conservation on county parklands helps keep soil and nutrients on the land and builds soil health. Activities include our crop-lease program on various agricultural fields in the county park system and regenerative agriculture at Silverwood County Park.

dairy cows

Community Manure Management

When manure breaks down it produces methane, a greenhouse gas, which can be collected, cleaned, and converted into energy for residential or business use. We currently have two manure digesters operating in Dane County that capture methane gas.

agricultural conservation planning

Conservation Practice Implementation

Helps with the implementation of structural conservation practices that keep soil and nutrients on the land. This program is available to landowners or producers who own or operate agricultural land in Dane County and meet the eligibility requirements.

native prairie grass

Continuous Cover Program

The program provides funding to help convert traditional row-cropped fields to continuous vegetative cover. Continuous vegetation can increase water infiltration and store carbon. 

Soil Health Equipment Program

Soil Health Equipment Program

Helps landowners and producers offset the cost of purchasing certain equipment used to address agricultural resource concerns, such as soil health or water quality.