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Flood Facts and Initiatives

Dane County has 69 named lakes and ponds, over 475 miles of streams and rivers, and more than 52,000 acres of wetlands. Our water resources are part of what makes this area a special place to live, work and play and they contribute tremendously to the county's environmental and economic well-being. As in many communities with abundant water resources, flooding has been and continues to be a concern.


2018 Flooding

Flooding occurred in many Dane County communities in the summer of 2018 due to heavy rains and other factors.  This webpage provides information on frequently asked questions and topics including the factors that contributed to the 2018 flooding and initiatives to reduce future flooding and improve Dane County's ability to respond to flooding.

The Dane County Board adopted 2018 Res-227 that called for a technical report to identify ways to address flooding on the Yahara chain of lakes and the creation of a task force to make lake level policy recommendations. Click on the green buttons below for additional information.


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