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Household Hazardous Materials

There are many materials we use every day that, if disposed of improperly, can degrade our surface water and groundwater supplies. These include cleaning agents, paint products, batteries, electronics, and a number of other common items. These items should not be thrown away in your household trash and should be collected and disposed of properly.

What Dane County Residents Can Do

Use the resources below to learn how to properly dispose of household hazardous materials.

Dane County Clean Sweep: Clean Sweep is a place to bring hazardous household materials such as oil-based paints and paint-related products, pesticides and poisons, household products containing organic solvents, ignitables and aerosols, and rechargeable batteries. Find out more about the Clean Sweep program, fees, and drop off location hours on the Dane County Clean Sweep website.  The free product exchange area at Clean Sweep is a great place to take or leave useable products like paint, thinners, solvents, and pesticides.

Safe Substitutes for Household Products: The City of Madison has compiled a list of non-toxic  substitutes for commonly-used household products that are hazardous to humans or the environment. You can find the list on the City of Madison website.

Safe Communities MedDrop Program: Proper disposal of leftover and expired prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines. Find out more about the MedDrop Program and drop off locations on the MedDrop website.

Dispose My Meds Program: An online resource to help you find medication disposal programs at an independent community pharmacy in your neighborhood. 

Learn What Not to Flush: What we put down our drains and toilets can negatively impact our environment and put our health at risk. Even items labeled flushable can clog pipes, tangle pumps and result in messy and costly sewer backups. By educating ourselves and each other, we can avoid expensive and dangerous mistakes while improving our sewer system practices and protecting our waters. Find out what you shouldn’t flush and other ways you can help with these helpful tips from the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. These helpful tips are also good practices for your on-site wastewater treatment system.