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Eastern Snowmobile Quadrants to open 5:00pm January 4

January 04, 2014
Land & Water Resources

County Snowmobile Trails in Northeast and Southeast Quadrants to Open at 5:00pm on January 4.  Western quadrants remain CLOSED.


Contact:  Darren Marsh, Director

Dane County Parks Division


County Snowmobile Trails

As of 5:00pm on Saturday, January 4, 2014 the Dane County Council of Snowmobile Clubs and the Dane County Parks Division will open the Northeast and Southeast Quadrants of county snowmobile trails. This includes the Glacial Drumlin State Trail within Dane County.


Duane Meyers, Council President, encourages snowmobiler’s to use caution.  The agricultural fields may be very rough until there’s more snow, stated Meyers. The agricultural crops came off late this year preventing many clubs the opportunity to level many of the plowed fields.  Snowmobiler’s must stay on the trails and respect the property of private landowners who have given permission for the trail to cross their land.