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Public Meeting Scheduled for Dane County 2008 Gypsy Moth Suppression Program and Neighborhood Spray Blocks

January 23, 2008
Darren Marsh Parks Division, Dane County Land and Water Resources Dept. 608-246-3896 Lisa Johnson Dane County UW-Extension 608-224-3715
Land & Water Resources

The Dane County Parks, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Dane County Tree Board have scheduled a public information meeting about the 2008 Gypsy Moth Aerial Spray Program for Monday January 28, 2008. The meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. at the West Madison Ag Station at 8502 Mineral Point Road in Verona. Representatives from the three cooperating agencies will be present to discuss the life cycle and control of gypsy moths and to answer questions from the public. Questions about gypsy moths prior to the meeting may be directed to Lisa Johnson of the Dane County Tree Board and Dane County UW-Extension at 608-224-3715. The gypsy moth is a serious tree pest that can defoliate and kill trees. If this spring is warm and dry, gypsy moth populations are predicted to be high and damage to trees could be severe. Also, caterpillars appear in large numbers, and can cause allergic reactions due to contact with their egg cases and with the hairs on their bodies. The Gypsy Moth Suppression Program should reduce both the number of caterpillars and their damage to trees. Proposed treatment sites include twenty-three locations throughout Dane County including (12) City of Madison, (1) City of Monona, (1) City of Middleton, (1) Town of Middleton, (2) City of Sun Prairie, (1) Lake Kegonsa State Park, (2) University of Wisconsin-Campus, (2) University of Wisconsin-Arboretum and (1) Village of Shorewood Hills. Proposed Dane County Gypsy Moth Treatment Areas Map
  1. Madison 1- Elvehjem School: Bisected by Meadowlark Drive, just south of Cottage Grove Road and in between Painted Post Drive and Woodvale Drive
  2. Madison 2- Allis School: Bisected by Buckeye Road and bordered by Major Avenue to the northeast, Lake Edge Boulevard and Monona Drive to the northwest, the intersection of Jerome Street and E. Winnequah Road to the southwest, and just past Dempsey Road to the southeast.
  3. Madison 3- Schenk Elementary: Bordered by Wilshire Lane to the north, Tulane Avenue to the south, Buckingham Lane to the east, and Walter Street to the west.
  4. Madison 4- Worthington Park: Bordered by Webb Avenue to the north and Rethke Avenue to the east. The block is just north of Hermina Street and a few houses west of Rosemary Avenue.
  5. Madison 5- Olin Park: Bordered by Lake Monona to the northeast, Olin Turville Court to the southwest, Wingra Creek to the northwest.
  6. Madison 6- Todd Drive: Bordered by Wimbledon Way to the northwest, Todd Drive to the northeast, Irvington Way to the southeast and the intersection of Knollwood Way and Irvington Way to the southwest.
  7. Madison 7- University Heights: Bordered by University Avenue to the north, N Spooner Street to the east, Regent Street to the south, and N Allen Street to the west.
  8. Madison 8- Nakoma: Bordered to the north by the intersection of Rolla Lane and South Midvale Boulevard and extending east to Miami Pass. Bordered to the east by the gold course, Warwick Way to the southeast, the Intersections of Nakoma Road and Manitou Way to the southwest and South Midvale Boulevard to the west.
  9. Madison 9- Midvale Heights: Bordered by Westmorland Boulevard to the east, Bluff Street to the north, Presidential Lane and Cheyenne Trail to the west, and the Ames Street to the south. The southeast corner of the block extends to the intersection of Tokay Boulevard and Chatham Terrace.
  10. Madison 10- Faircrest: Bordered by Landfall Drive to the north. The northeast corner is located at the intersection of Frigate Drive and Hawser Road. The southern edge extends to the intersection of Enterprise Lane and S Yellowstone Drive. The western edge extends to the intersection of Coronado Court and Mineral Point Road.
  11. Madison 11- Parkwood Glen: Bordered by Everglade Drive to the west. The northwest corner is bordered by the intersection of Acadia Drive and Everglade Drive. The northeast corner of the block is just one house northeast of the Yosemite Trail and N Yellowstone Drive intersection. The southwest corner is located at the intersection of Everglade Drive and Everglade Circle.
  12. Madison 12- Forest Hill: Bordered by Speedway Road to the north, Glenway Street to the west, and Monroe Street and Odana Road to the south. The southeast corner of the block is located a half a block northeast of the Baltzell Street and Monroe Street intersection.
  13. City of Monona: Bordered by W Dean Avenue to the south and continuing down Winnequah Road to the intersection of Winnequah Road and Progressive Lane. The Lake Monona borders the western edge. The north edge borders Winnequah Road to the intersection of Winnequah Road and Monona Drive.
  14. City of Middleton: The western edge extends along Coolidge Court and continues south to the intersections of Old Middleton Road and Allen Boulevard. The eastern edge follows Allen Boulevard just a few blocks north of University Avenue then veers northwest to the middle of the park and extends north towards Century Avenue. The northern edge is located a few houses south of Century Avenue.
  15. Town of Middleton: Bordered to the west by Twin Valley Road. The spray block is bisected by Blackhawk Road and extends about 300 feet to the north and about 840 feet to the south of the road. The eastern edge extends about 1800 feet from Twin Valley Road.
  16. Sun Prairie 1: North Bird St. neighborhood bordered on the north by Summit Ave., going east beyond Lewis Court, south to Lincoln Dr., and west to North Bird St.
  17. Sun Prairie 2: Waldorf Court neighborhood bordered on the north by Michigan Ave., going east to the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Broadway Drive, bordered on the south by Colorado Avenue, and west by Walmer Drive.
  18. Lake Kegonsa State Park: Covers the campground and adjacent woodlands. Bordered to the north by Fairview Street and to the east by Door Creek Road.
  19. UW-Madison 1- Picnic Point: Covers the Picnic Point peninsula and extends west to the bend in Lake Mendota Drive.
  20. UW-Madison 2-Campus: Bordered to the north by Lake Mendota and Park Street to the east. The southern edge follows University Avenue to Charter Street then Linden Drive to Babcock Drive and then west along Observatory Drive. The west edge boarders the inlet stream to Lake Mendota.
  21. UW-Arboretum 1: Shares its north and west edge with the Madison Block 7’s southern and eastern edges. The east edge is an extension of Madison Block 7’s eastern edge. The block extends south past McCaffrey Drive and into the Arboretum.
  22. UW-Arboretum 2: Bordered to the north by the W Beltline Highway and to the west by Seminole Highway. The block extends south and east into the Arboretum.
  23. Village of Shorewood Hills: Bordered to the south by University Avenue, to the east just past University Bay Drive, to the north just past Oxford Road, and to the west just past Edgehill Drive.
  24. Landowners and residents within the proposed treatment blocks can request not to be sprayed by writing to Darren Marsh, Parks Division, Dane County Land and Water Resources, 1 Fen Oak Court, Madison, WI 53718. Objection requests MUST be received by February 15, 2008.