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Public Listening Sessions to Provide Input for the Draft Dane County Shoreland and Riparian Management Plan

May 08, 2008
Brian Standing (608) 267-4115
Land & Water Resources

Three opportunities are available for citizens to learn about and provide input to the newly drafted plan for Dane County Shoreland and Riparian Management. This plan attempts to create a flexible, yet rigorous, set of recommendations to better protect Dane County’s surface waters from near-shore impacts. The plan’s proposals are based on the principle that any management strategy must take into account the diverse characteristics, constraints and opportunities of the equally diverse waters in Dane County. One size does not fit all. It builds on the sound science and research of the Phase I Waterbody Classification Report, which classifies Dane County Waters into Urban, Developing and Rural categories, based on their physical characteristics and planned level of development. The plan is designed to complement other ongoing county and regional programs operating on the site and watershed scales, such as agricultural nutrient, erosion control, urban stormwater and wastewater management programs. It fills in a critical gap by specifically addressing impacts to sensitive areas immediately adjacent to county surface waters. Dane County’s programs to minimize impacts from shoreland development or redevelopment have not kept pace with the county’s other efforts to control watershed-wide runoff or wastewater. This plan also intends to bring Dane County’s shoreland management program up to the same standard as current county urban erosion control, stormwater and agricultural soil and water conservation programs. To learn about this draft plan and to provide input, attend any of the following public listening sessions held by the Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission: Thurs, May 15 - Sun Prairie Community Room, 300 East Main St, Sun Prairie, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Wed, May 28 - Warner Park Community Center, 2930 Sherman Ave, Madison, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Thurs, May 29 - Verona Public Library, 500 Silent St, Verona, 7:00-8:30 p.m. For more detailed information on the draft plan or project, visit the following website: or contact: Brian Standing, Senior Planner, (608) 267-4115,